[POETRY] Broken – Adaji Glory Ojima

Who is not broken? Bring him forth, let me speak to him, Let him tell me what it feels like to be outspoken, and actually have people listen to him.

I want to see through his eyes, and understand what wholeness feels like, I want to know if he truly cries, and know what his tears feels like.

Bring him forth, Let us have a conversation, How does he view his worth, I want to understand his peace and satisfaction.

Is he ever uncontrollably sad? Or does he find refuge in the dark? Is he ever unnecessarily mad? And how does he wear his mark?

Has he found his lover? Or does he see ugliness in his face? Does he feel like his life’s journey is over? Or is he ever confused and dazed?

Bring me who is not broken, so I can ask all the questions that bothers me, because I am broken, and I hope his answers fixes me.

– Adaji Glory Ojima

Cover art by TraveT

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