Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder
They also say, beauty is skin deep
So what are we to believe
The society tells us today that
If we do not meet up to certain ostentatious standards, then forget beautiful or pretty
You’re not even comely
We young ones are the leaders of tomorrow but it so happens that
We are no longer interested in getting to lead

Instead, we want the fame
In a world that makes a living from teaching young girls
To be beautiful enough to attract boys
To be glammed up for the boy of your dream
To be faking it till you make it
This world has left out character and integrity
Good nature is overrated
Kindness is weak and respect for elders is simply unnecessary
Being disrespectful is confidence
Disobedience is embracing your will to answer to your self
And being overly rude and contemptuous is being a strong woman

Gone are the days when a hardworking woman is seen to be beautiful
Now, she’s the help or the one who can’t speak up for herself
Thirteen year olds no longer talk about school work
The center of their topic is how to impress what guy
And who is crushing on who
The word beautiful changes so often we don’t know what it is anymore
One day it is an androgynous female who delight in clothes designed for men
Another day, it is a curvy lady with a flat stomach

Once and for all we need to embrace our feminity
We need to realize that we must not look a certain way to be beautiful
The term changes every time, no one keeps tab anymore
Be comfortable, be yourself
Young girls should be allowed to grow according to their age
And not act like ladies who have outgrown puberty
We don’t need people to tell us we are beautiful
We are beautiful, we are worth it
We don’t need the boys to feel good about our selves
Beauty is not what they say
Beauty is not the fame or the followings on social media
Beauty is you in God’s image
I’ve never see the God I serve create something ugly
Once and for all, we are beautiful
No matter the shapes, sizes and colors we come in
We are beautiful and nothing can change that fact.

– Afolabi Temple